Google Android mobile app development

Unlike iOS apps, Android apps run on a wide range of devices and Android smartphones make up over 80% of the market. So it’s easy to see why an Android app is an obvious choice for many businesses.

But the wide variety of devices that Android run on means added complexity in the building, testing and launching of Android apps, so it’s important you choose an experienced team. Our Android development team have designed, built and launched a wide range of apps across multiple sectors and they continue to update their Android knowledge.

We can deliver Android apps for devices from Samsung, Google, HTC, LG & many more. Our expert UX team and our creative designers will make sure your app performs as good as it looks, wherever it’s being used.

And the help doesn’t stop once your app is launched. We offer bespoke service level agreements to help keep your app running smoothly and to make any updates or changes.

For customer facing apps we can help you create a launch & marketing strategy that will encourage uptake straight away and put your app in front of the right people. For internal enterprise apps we can help with any change management needed to make sure your app delivers value quickly.

Still not sure whether an Android App or iOS App is right for you? Get in touch to speak to our team, our initial advice is always free and we will never try to sell you something that isn’t right for you.

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