Customer Journey

Strategy & Planning
You can have the best looking app on the market, but if the strategy behind it is flawed you won’t see results. That’s why we put in a lot of work upfront, helping you make sure your app strategy is well researched and ready or success.

We’ll put together an ambitious but achievable plan that takes into account all stakeholders and deliverables. Because we work in an Agile methodology you’ll see regular progress and won’t be hit with unexpected delays.

Wireframes & Prototyping
Before we begin the build work, we create detailed wireframes that allow you to visualise exactly how your app will look and feel.

We also offer interactive prototypes which you can try out on real customers to get feedback. By using wireframes and prototypes before the costs of build are incurred, we make sure that what we build really is right for your business and your customers.

Creativity & Design
This is where your concept is bought to life. Our experienced creative design team turn your agreed functionality and concepts into something which turns fingers that are tappie into customers that are Happie. With experience across a wide range of sectors we can create an app which embodies your brand and delights your users.

Development & Deployment
Our multi-functional Dev and Deployment team put your app through rigorous testing to be sure it’s ready for market. They’ll launch your app on time, in full and to the specifications we agreed. And just in case you need them they’ll be on hand after deployment too.