iOS Apps

Many clients ask us whether to choose an iOS App, an Android App or both. The answer depends on who your target audience are and where they want to access your business.

If you already have an app or website, we can help you analyse the traffic it gets to understand what devices send the most traffic your way. Depending on your strategy you may want to develop for the audience you already have or you could be developing for a new audience. Whichever it is we can help you make an informed choice by analysing your own analytics as well as market data.

The Apple App store is a highly competitive market place, but one which offers huge potential returns.

Our iOS development team keep themselves ahead of the trend, always keeping one eye on the latest coding languages, testing methods, updates and designs.

Most importantly of all our UX designers will create a customer journey that users find simple and engaging.

We provide end to end Project Management services for iOS development. From concept, through to wireframes and prototypes then on to build, launch and beyond, our app development team will make sure your app delights your users.

If your app is designed for internal business use, we can help make sure all your people know how to install it and use it, with in-house training and bespoke service level agreements.

We can product iOS apps designed specifically for iPhones, iPads, iWatch, Mac Systems and Apple TV.

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