Project Management Specialists

Delivering a successful app, on time, in full takes creative design and expert technical skills. But it also requires a whole lot of Project Management, attention to detail and passion for the project.

At Happie we know the reality of app development projects. We understand that budgets can create challenges. We know that business priorities can shift. We’ve worked with teams that are overloaded and businesses who aren’t sure of the best way forward.

And we know that’s just a small portion of the things that can derail an app development project.

So we choose to work with our clients in the best way for them. We won’t enforce our process on you. We’ll offer you a framework that in our experience is the most productive. But if you need us to tailor how we work, we’re happy to do it.

Our job is to help you build an app that delivers value for your business. We’ll be your mentors, cheerleaders, experts, partners and even devil’s advocate if we need to. You’ll be allocated a dedicated Project Manager who will drive the development forward – no matter what is needed.

At Happie we want to collaborate to build exciting things and enjoy the process along the way.